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1921 was a year that brought about the design and minting of silver dollars that were a topic of interest then and continue to be sought after by coin collectors and the public in general even today. 1921 Silver Dollars come in two style and designs that are very popular and unique: 1921 Morgan Dollar and the 1921 Peace Dollar.


1921 Morgan Silver Dollar


Although the Morgan Silver Dollar was minted for several years from 1878 to 1921 (with a break from 1905 and 1920), the coins that were the most common were the ones in 1921. As far as popularity goes, the Morgan dollars are second only to the Lincoln Cents. Morgan Silver Dollars are named after George T. Morgan, the man responsible for their design. Qualities that contribute to the Morgan 1921 Dollar’s popularity are how inexpensive that particular date was to mint, their specific design and the large size. Collectors and the general public continue to collect these 1921 coins.


The Morgan 1921 Silver Dollars have a diameter of 38.1 millimeters, a weight of 26.73 grams and a metal content of 90% silver and 10% copper. The silver that was used in these coins came from the Mother Lode, which makes them a legendary symbol of the old West. The edges of the coin are reeded. They were minted in several cities and the mint mark can be seen on the reverse side of the coin right below the center of the wreath. Another thing that makes the Morgan 1921 Silver Dollar so sought after is that 1921 was the last year it was minted. It was then replaced by the 1921 Peace Dollar. Lady Liberty adorns the front of this coin with a majestic eagle on the reverse. The eagle was said to represent the strength and prosperity of the nation.


1921 Peace Silver Dollar


The Peace Silver Dollar was first minted in 1921but was minted for seven years until 1928 and resumed in 1934 and 1935. For a short time in 1965, the Peace Dollar was once again minted. It is the last silver dollar to be minted in the U.S. for circulation. The first collection of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar was requested as a commemorative peace to signify the end of World War I. The Peace Dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisci and was given its name because the word PEACE is on the bottom of the back (reverse) side of the coin. It didn’t take long for this coin to be circulated. It took the place of the Morgan 1921 Silver Dollar, which hadn’t been minted on a regular basis since 1904. However, the Morgan Dollar was made again in 1921 until the Peace Dollar was accepted.


After 1965 and for a short period of time in 1970, all remaining Peace dollars were melted with no more being circulated. The only few that are left are said to be owned by mint officials, the President or members of Congress. It goes without saying that these 1921 Silver Dollars are extremely rare.


Article Source:   Rachel Barr – www.EzineArticles.com


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