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#premiercoins #premier #indian #princess #gold #coin - Indian Princess Gold Coin

United States $3.00 Gold “Indian Princess” 1854-1889


While first proposed in 1832, it was not until 1851 that the groundwork would be in place for the issuance of one of America’s most fascinating and desirable gold coins.


Specifications of Indian Princess Gold Coin:


Diameter: 13/16” (20.6mm)

Weight: 77.4 grains

Composition: 90% gold-10% silver/copper Designer/Engraver: James B. Longacre

Mint Marks: Philadelphia (none); Dahlonega (D); New Orleans (O); San Francisco (S); (found below wreath on reverse)

Obverse: “Indian Princess” (Liberty) wearing feathered headdress with a beaded band inscribed LIBERTY surrounded by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA near beaded border.

Reverse: Wreath of tobacco, corn, wheat and cotton surrounds date/denomination.

Edge: Reeded


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