Premier Coin Galleries was founded on the commitment to provide sensible, hard asset alternatives to investors concerned with uncertain economic, political and monetary conditions.

Throughout history precious metals and rare coins have proven time and time again to be the ideal vehicle for the protection of wealth and purchasing power in every possible economic climate. They have established themselves as the most intelligent hedge to traditional paper investments while still providing outstanding profit potential.

Perhaps the single most important factor to consider is selecting a firm you can trust. One with a solid, long term track record of customer satisfaction. Premier Coin Galleries is precisely that firm. We only make promises we can keep and we always deliver. If we quote a price, that coin is in house and ready for immediate delivery.

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced investor building on an existing portfolio, our expert numismatic staff is on hand and commited to assisting you every step of the way. We realize these decisions are deeply personal. Only you know what’s right for you. Our advisors are not here to tell you what to do. We place our dedicated team of highly knowledgable professionals at your disposal. With over 100 years of combined numismatic experience to draw on, we provide our clients with the knowledge and market insights they need to make educated decisions when acquiring the highest quality rare coins to maximize potential while fitting their personal collecting/investing goals.

We are not here to make sales. Our purpose is to build successful long term working relationships with our clients. Let us answer all of your questions. Enjoy the experience of dealing with an expert numismatic/precious metals investment specialist. Our Market Reports and timely telephone updates will keep you on top of changing conditions and that has never been more crucial than right now.

What Sets Us Apart


The coins we select for our clients must meet our Three Point Standard.

Outstanding Eye Appeal:
Numeric grading attempts to compartmentalize what is actually a continuous range of grade. For example, within the grade of MS65 there are coins which barely made the cut and those that are on the very cusp of MS66 and everything in between. In other words, there are MS65’s and then there are MS65’s. We select only those examples we feel are in the upper tier of their assigned grade, “Premium Quality” coins for our clients.

Proven Track Record:
We thoroughly research the past performance of each coin to give us a better indication of future potential.

Steady, long term collector/investor demand:
Being an example of a highly popular series of coinage with a broad base of collector demand provides the kind of strong upward price pressure it takes to greatly enhance the potential for future gains. These points have never been more self evident than in today’s tumultuous economic environment. The market for commercial grade, “run of the mill” coins has softened. However, the prices for premium quality material have held and made advances. Even in hard times, serious collectors, investors and dealers maintain the level of demand.

Intrinsic value Asset protection/wealth preservation Profit potential

Liquidity, Privacy and Portability

Rare Coins are hard to beat … Especially in uncertain times.