advantages of buying gold

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Advantages Of Buying Gold

-It’s tangible: Buying physical gold doesn’t mean you are wasting money on shares and investments being held by another person or company. When you buy gold, you buy the real thing.

-Holds value: As a long term investment, gold holds it’s value because it is a scarce resource. Even when there is a short-term loss due to sizable new discoveries of gold deposits, the supply will never increase enough to diminish due to it’s rarity.

-Inflationary hedge: Gold retains its value even when inflation and political unrest is eroding paper currency.

-Liquidity: It is easily converted into cash, just not on the stock market. It can be sold to private buyers and jewelers.


At Premier Coin Galleries, our numismatic experts are here to assist you with your purchasing choices. There are many advantages of buying gold and we at Premier Coin Galleries are here to help. We have all the current information and resources on hand so that you can make the educated decision that is right for you. Whether you are investing in gold, rare gold coins, or classic silver coins, we are available to help you every step of the way.



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