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Premier Coins – Double Eagle Liberty Head Investment

There are many reasons that people buy rare coins. Some buy them for the investment and profit potential, other buy coins as collectibles. Investing in rare coins can be made into more than just an investment, have fun with your collectibles. There are many different types of coins you can invest in, and for some collectors they start with a very basic/common coin and later on buy and complete more rare sets. At this time in our nation, gold is continuously rising in price and makes a great investment and offers a lot of potential for profit. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while buying.


Some of the most common coins that investors and collectors buy are the half eagle, eagle and double eagle gold coins. Even the three dollar Indian Princess coin is frequently requested by investors/collectors. The eagles and half eagles that we commonly sell are the Indian and Liberty Head Coins. The double eagles that we get the most requests from collectors are the Liberty Head and the St. Gaudens.


Also we offer silver coins that make  great investments. The dollar and half dollar coins that we acquire for you will make you happy with your choice. Whether you decide to invest in gold or silver or buy coins strictly for profit or strictly for pleasure, we have what you are looking for and look forward to helping you make your purchase.


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