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Premier Coin Galleries - Indian Head Half Eagle Gold Coin

Gold coins are a useful way to preserve your money’s value. Although the value of gold coins may fluctuate in the short term, in the long run, they’ll gain in value. Indian gold coins preserve America’s native heritage, and can be collected either for their value or for their aesthetic qualities.


Choose a place to safely store Indian gold coins. Options include a local bank. Find out what its gold coin storage options are and what kinds of protections it offers. Or get a sturdy combination safe. You can also purchase storage canisters designed for storage by burial.


Search for gold coin sellers in your area. Contact a few of them to find out if they sell Indian gold coins. Search the some online sellers that are listed in the Resources section below. When you get to the website, go to their order form or click on their link leading to a purchase page. Fill the form out, and mail it in. If you get a landing page, type the information and follow the page’s directions. If you reach a toll-free number, call and place your order by phone.


If you ordered your Indian gold coins by mail, wait 3 business days. Then call the company that you ordered from and ask them if they received your order. Arrange to receive updates on your Indian gold coin movement. Ask them if they do this by phone, by email or if they’ll give you a tracking number.


Receive your Indian gold coins. If you purchased them from a local merchant, go straight to your bank. If you’re comfortable with the idea, use a combination of storage methods. Store some of the gold coins in storage canisters for burial, some in a combination safe and some in the bank.


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