Rare Coin Standards At Premier Coin Galleries

When you choose to invest in gold and rare coins, you need a dealer that you can trust. Premier Coin Galleries is the company that has the highest standards when buying and selling gold and silver rare coins. Whether you are just starting or growing a collection or an investment portfolio, our numismatic experts are  … Read more

Buy Gold

Some complicate buying gold but it is relatively simple. At Premier Coin Galleries we have simple guidelines for people when they buy gold based on our years of experience. If you have any questions along the way, we welcome your call. We have a vast selection of products including US mint coins, rare coins and  … Read more

7 Things That Can Ruin Your Rare Coins

Coin collectors do things that can mistakingly ruin their coins. If you care about your investment of rare coins, it is important to take the time to understand how to properly store, protect, clean, and handle your rare coins. Here are some common mistakes:   1-   Touch your coins: Simply touching your coins with  … Read more

A Rare Coin Dealer That You Can Trust

Premier Coin Galleries is a firm that is committed to providing sensible, hard asset alternatives to investors who are looking for a way to secure their futures in these uncertain economic times.  One of the most important factors in investing in rare coins is choosing a trust worthy firm. Premier Coin Galleries is a firm  … Read more

Buying Gold: Not Just A Luxury

When you look into buying gold, you will quickly understand that it is no longer a novelty or luxury, it is an investment! Gold has never been worth $0! Paper investments such as stocks and bonds can become worthless overnight. Gold will not represent wealth for you, it IS wealth. When you take physical possession  … Read more

Rare Coins Are Good As Gold!

Rare coins have all the advantages of precious metals such as gold, but have the added benefit of numismatic value. The collectible value they possess is above and beyond that of their precious metal content. The demand for physical gold rose so much that their supply could not begin to keep up. This caused the  … Read more

Gold Investment: 5 Keys To Financial Security

The five keys to financial security are diversity, stability, liquidity, portability, and privacy. These five are valuable tools in any economic climate but can be vital to your survival during uncertain times. Many collectors are trusting in their gold investment.   Between 2003-2006, only seven banks failed in the US. In more recent times we  … Read more

Advantages When You Buy Gold

There are many advantages when you decide to buy gold as an investment. We at Premier Coin Galleries are here to help you with your purchasing choices. Our numismatic  experts have all the current information and resources on hand in order to help you make educated decisions that are right for you.   –  It’s  … Read more

Building A Gold Coin Collection

Coin collecting is seen as a hobby for some and a great investment source for others. Building a gold coin collection requires time, money and effort. Whether it is for a hobby or a serious investment, it is important to understand and utilize the ways to get the most for your money. When you utilize  … Read more

Making An Investment In Rare Gold Coins

Premier Coin Galleries was founded on the commitment to provide alternatives to investors, such as rare gold coins. If you are like many others who are concerned with uncertain economic and political conditions, you may want to make gold investments.  Throughout history precious metals and rare coins have proven to be the ideal vehicle for  … Read more