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#premiercoins #gold #coins #silver #liberty #indian - Liberty Head Half Eagle

The half eagle $5 denomination has the distinction of being the only denomination for which coins were minted at eight US mints. Prior to 1838 all half eagles were minted in Philadelphia because there were no other operating mints. In 1838, the Charlotte Mint, and the Dahlonega Mint produced half eagles of the Coronet type in their first years of operation, and would continue to mint half eagles until 1861, their last year of operation. The New Orleans Mint minted half eagles from 1840 to 1861. The San Francisco Mint first produced half eagles in 1854, its first year of operation, as did Carson City in 1870, and Denver in 1906.


Although circulating half eagle production was discontinued in 1929, half eagle commemorative and $5 denominated (1/10 ounce) bullion coins were minted at West Point starting in the late twentieth-century.


Proof coins were produced at Philadelphia from 1859 on.


List of Half Eagle designs


▪ Turban Head 1795–1807

▪ Turban Head, Small Eagle 1795–1798

▪ Turban Head, Large Eagle 1795–1807

▪ Draped Bust 1807–1812

▪ Capped Head 1813–1834

▪ Classic Head 1834–1838

▪ Liberty Head (Coronet) 1839–1907

▪ Coronet, without motto 1839–1866

▪ Coronet, with motto 1866–1908

▪ Indian Head 1908–1916, 1929


Article Source:   en.wikipedia.org


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