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Premier Coin Galleries - Liberty Head Eagle Gold Coin

The eagle is a base-unit of denomination issued only for gold coinage by the United States Mint based on the original values designated by the Coinage Act of 1792. It has been obsolete as a circulating denomination since 1933. The eagle was the largest of the four main decimal base-units of denomination used for circulating coinage in the United States prior to 1933, the year when gold was withdrawn from circulation. These four main base-units of denomination were the cent, the dime, the dollar, and the eagle, where a dime is 10 cents, a dollar is 10 dimes, and an eagle is 10 dollars. The eagle base-unit of denomination served as the basis of the gold quarter-eagle (US$2.50), the gold half-eagle (US$5), the eagle (US$10), and the double-eagle coins (US$20).


▪ Turban head 1795–1804

▪ Turban Head, small eagle 1795–1797

▪ Turban Head, large eagle 1797–1804

▪ Liberty Head (Coronet) 1838–1907

▪ Coronet, without motto 1838–1866

▪ Coronet, with motto 1866–1907

▪ Indian Head 1907–1933


Article Source:  en.wikipedia.org


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