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American Silver Eagle: This silver coin made its debut in 1986. It is to this day the only coin to silver purity backed by the  government. The American Silver Eagle are the US official silver bullion coin and they contain .999 fine pure silver.


Gold Buffalo: This coin first appeared in 2006 and are made up of gold that comes only from the United States. Gold Buffalos are the only 24 karat gold coins that are produced here in the US. The most trusted investments in the world are the Gold Buffalo.


American Gold Eagles: This coin was authorized for production in 1985 by The Gold Bullion Coin Act and was made available in 1986. It is required to be minted from gold that has only been mined in the US and consists of .9167 fine gold. The American Gold Eagle is the official gold bullion coin of the United States. American Gold Eagles are an excellent safe-haven investment.


United States gold and silver coins are a masterpiece that can be a great addition to any portfolio. American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalo, and the American Silver Eagle are an excellent safe-haven and protection of wealth.
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