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Premier Coin Galleries – Liberty Head Double Eagle

The five keys to financial security are diversity, stability, liquidity, portability, and privacy. These five are valuable tools in any economic climate but can be vital to your survival during uncertain times. Many collectors are trusting in their gold investment.


Between 2003-2006, only seven banks failed in the US. In more recent times we are averaging more than twice that every month. The real estate market has also been on a steady decline for investors. We could be walking into another wave of foreclosures, bank failures, and government bailouts, which will continue to weaken the dollar. Protecting wealth and preparing for your future has become increasingly more difficult. When you explore your options about gold investment, you need a broader awareness in order to make the most effective acquisitions.When you come to Premier Coin Galleries you will receive personal attention from our numismatic experts who will walk you through the gold investment process. Our clients can expect a level of standard when it comes to purchasing gold coins through us. We will help you along the way whether you are just starting your gold investment, or you are adding to an existing portfolio.


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