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Premier Coin Galleries – Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

At no other time in our nation’s history has it been more crucial for Americans to start adding tangible assets to their portfolios. It is obvious why when you pick up a newspaper or watch the news. While the global economy is drowning in debt, Americans are looking for a safe haven to protect their assets. For centuries rare coins and precious metals to be exactly this safe haven as they preserve wealth and protect purchasing power in virtually all economies.


When you invest in rare coins you can stay confident with your investment as they provide stability in uncertain times and have historically shown remarkable profit. Whether you are a first time investor or are just looking to add to your portfolio, our numismatic experts at Premier Coin Galleries can guide you in making the best investments for you. We are dedicated to serving investors who seek alternatives to usual paper investments such as stocks, bonds and currencies.


Our expert numismatic experts are not here to tell you what to do but to provide you with the necessary information you will need to make educated decisions in the investment process. We are here to help you acquire the highest quality rare coins while fitting your personal financial plan. There are many benefits of investing in rare coins as they combine the advantages of precious metals and the added benefit of the collectible value they posses.


Typically when the bullion markets are hot, many investors become interested in coins again. During the most recent boom in the gold market, gold coins have outperformed bullion! The demand for physical gold had rose so dramatically that the supply could not keep up. This caused the premiums the rare coins trade for above their actual gold value to soar.


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