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Premier Coin Galleries – Investing In Rare Gold Coins

If you are a first time investor you may not know whether to invest in paper assets or tangible assets such as precious metals. Now when you are looking to invest in precious metals, you will have to decide if you want to invest in bullion or coins. We can tell you from our 100 years of combined experience that rare coins make the best investments. Rare coins combine all of the benefits of precious metals and the collectible value that is above and beyond their precious metal content.


Typically it is when the bullion market is hot when more investors become interested in gold coins. During the recent boom in the gold market, gold coins have outperformed bullion! When the demand for physical demand rose so dramatically, the supply could not keep up. This caused the premiums that these rare coins trade for to soar above their actual gold value.


There is a double edge advantage to investing in rare coins. According to The Coin Dealer Newsletter, in the time period between July 18, 1980 and April 19, 1985 the price of gold dropped at a shocking 48% while a common Liberty Head Double Eagle gold piece in MS65 rose 134%. In the same time period the price of silver dropped 58% while the 1923 Peace Silver Dollar jumped 1,338%. This is why investing in rare coins provides better benefits than just investing in precious metals alone.


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