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Premier Coin Galleries – $10 Indian Head Eagle

Hard assets such as rare coins can add diversification and protection from inflation. These benefits you cannot receive from paper investments alone. The process of investing in rare coins can be quite confusing to new buyers. There are many resources out there to help you along your way to starting a rare coin collection. Premier Coin Galleries is proud to serve those seeking alternatives to the usual paper investments. We are here to answer any questions you may have about starting a rare coin collection as an investment.


When starting a rare coin collection you want to utilize resources you can trust. At Premier Coin you will be sure to get quality information as well as a quality product. Our coins must meet our three point standard of outstanding eye appeal, proven track record, and steady, long term collector/investor demand. With the recent drop in the price of gold, many investors are looking to a coins numismatic (collectible) value. For most investors, they want to consider both the precious metal content as well as a coins’ numismatic value. When you choose Premier Coin Galleries, you can be sure to receive a quality product that can suit any investors needs.
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