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United States $5.00 Indian Head Half Eagle 1908-1929


The U.S. $2.50 and $5.00 Indian Head designs were the next logical step to President Theodore Roosevelt’s “pet crime”, his desire to improve our “atrociously hideous” coinage and restore it to the beauty and dignity of Ancient Greek coinage.


Specifications of Indian Head Half Eagle:


Diameter: 17/20” (21.6 mm)

Weight: 129 grains (8.359 grams)

Composition: 90% gold – 10% copper

Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt

Engraver: Charles E. Barber

Mint Marks: Philadelphia (none); Denver (D); New Orleans (O); San Francisco (S); (found left of arrows on reverse)

Obverse: Male Indian head wearing a feathered headdress, facing left. LIBERTY above head with date below. Designer’s initials BLP over date. 13 stars (6 left/7 right) around plain border. Devices are incuse (below the plane of the field).

Reverse: Eagle is perched on a group of arrows and an olive branch. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above eagle around plain border. Motto E PLURIBUS UNUM in the field to the left in 3 rows. Motto IN GOD WE TRUST in the field to the right in 4 rows. Denomination FIVE DOLLARS below eagle.

Edge: Reeded


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