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Premier Coin Galleries – Investing In Rare Gold Coins

If you are looking for an investment to secure your future, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike paper investments such as stocks and bonds that can become worthless overnight, gold has never been worth $0. Gold does not represent wealth, it is wealth. When you take physical possession of precious metals you take command of your future. Benefits of investing in gold is that it is liquid, portable and private. You actually own your investment and can physically hold it in your hands which means you retain complete control of it.


Owning gold is no longer a novelty or luxury, it is an absolute necessity in 2013. Since 1913, when America abandoned the Gold Standard, the U.S. Dollar has lost 98% of its buying power relative to gold. Americans can be facing a lower standard of living and a greatly diminished retirement outlook if they do not act now.


In the entire course of recorded history less than 100,000 tons of this precious metal have been produced. Simply put, gold is rare! All of mankind’s entire production of gold an fit into a single 57 foot cube. Demand for this precious metal comes from investors, governments, jewelry and electronic industries and has far outstripped the available supply. Bottom line is that the demand for gold will increase because the supply seems to be deminishing and getting smaller. This trend appears to increasing at a record pace resulting in strong upward pressure on the price of gold. Add to this a wildly fluctuating economic and political environment and it becomes very easy to understand the appeal of gold in the 21st century.


Premier Coin Galleries was founded on the commitment to provide sensible, hard asset alternatives to investors concerned with uncertain economic, political and monetary conditions.


Throughout history precious metals and rare coins have proven time and time again to be the ideal vehicle for the protection of wealth and purchasing power in every possible economic climate. They have established themselves as the most intelligent hedge to traditional paper investments while still providing outstanding profit potential.


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