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Premier Coin Galleries - Invest In Rare Gold Coins

No matter how you slice it, melt it or pound it, gold is a stable investment that, if you invest correctly, will always give you a return on your money. Investing in gold coins is one of the best ways to get into gold but it requires some knowledge and savvy. Read on to learn how to invest in gold coins.


Decide on the percentage of your investment portfolio that you want to buy gold with. If you’re new to investing in gold or in coins, you should consider an investment that’s between 10 and 30 percent of your total capital allocation. You can choose which end of the range you want to be on by thinking about how well or poorly the economy is doing, in your view.


Invest in the yellow metal now instead of giving in to the investor’s temptation of waiting for that fortuitous price drop. Since gold is unlike stocks in the sense that it doesn’t have management or bad earnings reports to jilt it every few months, it’s unlikely to have sudden, steep dips. For this reason, you should buy gold coins when you have made the decision to do so.


Buy gold coins from reputable sources since impure gold is not going to give you the return on investment that you want (and may not give you a return at all). The U.S. Mint is the first place to look at gold coins as their coin programs, such as the First Spouse gold coin line, offer guaranteed quality that never come with a concern for counterfeit.


Consider buying rare gold coins since the collector’s value of the coins can up the natural value of the gold. Be aware that buying rare coins is risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so make sure to buy through a reputable coin collection and auction house such as U.S. Rare Coin Investments. Also, get the coin appraised by an independent appraiser before you finalize any sale.


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