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#premiercoins #gold #silver - Indian Head Half Eagle $5.00 Gold Coin

Investing in coins can be an exciting venture, but takes skill and knowledge about the gold commodities markets. Verified gold coins do not lose their value, however U.S. dollar and world markets can affect gold’s trading value. Actual gold bullion is a better choice when investing in gold, but coins can be an exciting hobby.


*One of the most precious metals and the basis of world economy since ancient times is gold. The first coins were minted by the Greeks and Romans and when the New World was discovered gold was mined and minted.


*The United States has minted coins of many denominations since the 1700s. In the beginning gold traded at $20/oz. In the 1930s the price of gold was $35/oz. During the FDR Administration however, gold coins were pronounced illegal and coins from that era were melted down.


*During the 1970s the price of gold was marketed at $200/oz., and in the 1980s gold was valued at $800/oz. Recently gold has been valued as high as $1000/oz.


*Minting gold coins caught the eye of artists, and in 1906 the St. Gaudens gold coin was stamped with a high relief symbol, and mixed with 10% copper to make the coin easier to manage. Gold coins mixed with copper are still valued, and if an investor can find a St. Gaudens gold coin, their investment will be doubled.


*Gold coins are official tender, but are not minted for general circulation. Gold coins are produced in limited quantities and for limited times. This makes gold coins ideal for collectors and investors.


*Documented specialty gold coins contain approximately 1/4 ounce of 22 karat gold and generally have face values of $5. Investing in “perfect” gold specialty coins, can provide high worth for the investor, if these coins can be found.


*When investing in gold coins, shop around for the best prices. Inventory your purchases and note the year, mint, type, and grade. Purchasing higher grades such as MS 65 or MS 66 will give you high return on your investment. Purchase these coins immediately. Never buy gold coins from unknown sources. Stay away from television ads and “flea” markets. Do not trust “raw” coins that are not stamped. These coins probably do not contain enough gold to make it worth your investment.


*Finally, have fun and enjoy your adventure in gold coin investing. Remember that you may have to “hold” your coins for a time in order to reap the investing rewards.


Article Source:  Adrian Getty – www.articlesnatch.com


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