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Premier Coin Galleries – Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar

At Premier Coin Galleries we are committed to serving investors who are looking for alternatives ways to invest. If you are looking for an alternative investment route, rare coins is a great choice. We offer a variety of different options of rare coins such as silver dollar coins, half dollar coins and a range of different gold coins. It is always nice to learn about the history of the coin before you make a purchase.


Half dollar may refer to a half-unit of several currencies that are named “dollar”. Normally, $1 is divided into 100 cents, so a half dollar is equal to 50 cents. Coins and/or banknotes of that amount are as such denominated at a value of 50 cents. The face on the front of the Half dollar is that of former President, John F. Kennedy. The Half Dollar currently isn’t commonly used in circulation anymore, the government now mints this coin mainly for collectors.


Walker Liberty Half Dollar


1916 was a period of major transition in the United States. Society was shifting from rural to urban – horse and buggy to “horseless carriage” – isolationist to world power.


Our coinage was also going through dramatic changes. The classic Indian Cent and Liberty Nickel as well as all four gold coins (Liberty Head – $2.50, $5.00, $10.00 & $20) had already been replaced. The curtain was about come down on the Barber Dime, Quarter and Half Dollar.


Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar


This design was the final work of John R. Sinnock, mint engraver, who also designed the long running Roosevelt Dime as well as the Sesquicentennial Half Dollar and $2.50 Gold Commemoratives. The obverse and reverse models of the Benjamin Franklin Half were completed only a few weeks before his death in May of 1947.


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