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Premier Coin Galleries – $5 Indian Head Half Eagle

No serious coin collector wants to think about their property getting stolen or damaged. However it is something that all rare gold coin collectors need to consider. Utilizing safes and security systems is your best protection against potential robberies as well as the elements for your coin collections. When you put time and effort into researching and collecting your rare coins, you want to ensure they are available to you when you need them most.


Fireproof safes are your best protection. They are constructed to provide the maximum amount of protection for the contents inside. There are many types of safes out there and here is a list of three classifications we find the most efficient:


1. Tool-Resistant Safe TL-15: Can withstand 15 minutes of frontal attack with common motorized devices

2. Tool-Resistant Safe TL-30: Withstands 30 minutes of frontal attack with a wider variety of motorized tools

3. Torch and Tool-Resistant Safe TRTL-30×6: Can withstand 30 minutes of attack on all sides by a wide variety of tools and cutting torches



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