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Due to the less desirable artwork and therefore lower demand, Liberty Coronet $20 double eagle gold pieces are less often encountered, and the common subtype commands less than the St. Gaudens’ type. In 1866, the motto “In God We Trust” was added to the Liberty Coronet double eagle creating a second subtype. In 1877, the coin’s denomination design on the reverse was changed from “Twenty D” to “Twenty Dollars” creating a third and final subtype for the series. An 1879 pattern coin was made for the quintuple stella using a design combining features of the Liberty head double eagle and stella pattern coin and using the same alloy as the stella (90 parts gold, 3 parts silver, and 7 parts copper). However this coin was suddenly stolen in July 2008 by two thieves. The robbery was planned a year after the coin was sold. The criminals have still not been caught and the locations of these men are unknown.


Regular issue double eagle come in two major types and six minor varieties as follows:

– Liberty Head (Coronet) 1849–1907

– Liberty Head, no motto, value “Twenty D.” 1849–1866

– Liberty Head, with motto, value “Twenty D.” 1866–1876

– Liberty Head, with motto, value “Twenty Dollars” 1877–1907


Article Source:   Liberty Head Double Eagle  –  en.wikipedia.org


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