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Premier Coin Galleries – Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

When making an investment for your future it is best to do as much research as possible before you make your final decision. At Premier Coin Galleries we will help you in every aspect of the investment process so that you find what works best for you and what will best fit your personal financial plan. We are committed to serving those who seek and alternative to the typical paper assets such as stocks and bonds. Consider the reasons why rare coins make a great investment and you will understand why they are the best investment vehicle.


Rare coins combine both the benefits of precious metals and the numismatic or collectible value that they posses which is above and beyond that of their precious metal content. Typically when bullion markets are hot is when people become interested in investing in coins. During the recent boom in the gold market, gold coins have outperformed bullion coins! During booms like this the demand for physical gold greatly increases, and tis time it rose so dramatically that the supply could not keep up. When the demand outweighs the supply, the premiums that these rare coins trade for above their actual gold value to soar.


Prior to 1986, liquidity in the rare coin market faced a major obstacle. There was no uniformity to grading standards. This lead to a great deal of “back and forth” between buyer and seller. With the emergence of guaranteed third party certification of rare coins sight-unseen trading became possible. This opened a whole new dimension to the industry. One in which collectors, dealers and investors could freely participate in the numismatic marketplace with a previously unknown level of confidence. This in turn provided for the participation of major brokerage firms which greatly expanded the market base.


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