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#premiercoins #premier #coins #morgan #silver #dollars - Morgan Silver Dollar

United States Morgan Silver Dollar 1878-1921


Silver Dollars or “Cartwheels” are the largest silver coins that the United States ever issued for general circulation. It was political pressure, not the need for a dollar silver coin, that gave birth to the Morgan Dollar. When the Liberty Seated Dollar was discontinued in 1873, silver mining interests and their champion Richard “Silver Dick” Bland began forcefully lobbying for the return of the silver dollar.


Morgan Silver Dollar Specs


Diameter: 1-1/2” (38.1 mm)

Weight: 412.5 grains (26.73 grams)

Composition: 90% silver – 10% copper

Designer/Engraver: George T. Morgan

Mint Marks: Philadelphia (none); Denver (D) Carson City (CC); New Orleans (O); San Francisco (S) found below laurel wreath on reverse

Obverse: Liberty facing left wearing a cap decorated with heads of wheat, cotton bolls and leaves and inscribed LIBERTY incused. Motto E PLURIBUS UNUM above head with date below. 13 stars (7 left/6 right) around denticled border.

Reverse: Eagle with raised wings holding an olive branch with 3 leaves in the right talon and 3 arrows in the left, partially surrounded by 2 crossed laurel branches tied with a ribbon. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and denomination ONE DOLLAR around denticled border. Motto IN GOD WE TRUST above eagle.

Edge: Reeded


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