never bought gold beforeIf you have never bought gold before you may have a few questions. You are not alone, new buyers are attracted to buying gold everyday.  It is a uniquely private and portable way to hold your wealth. Premiere Coin Galleries can provide you with comprehensive information about gold, it’s history and it’s cost. There are also many forms of gold available and it is no wonder that it’s consumption increases everyday.

The word “bullion” simply means a precious metal that is stamped and weighed. Our common view of bullion is the bricks of gold stored at Fort Knox. It is true that much of the world’s bullion gold is in the form of large bars. They are kept this way because they are an efficient way to store and trade gold. However for a new buyer, this form of gold may be difficult to liquidate. It is this fact that makes people turn to buying bullion coins.

Over the years some coins have become more popular than others. Whatever you choose there is one thing that remains constant: gold never loses wealth, it is wealth! Our numismatic experts are here to help you every step of the way!