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Getting the most accurate silver dollar price can be difficult. Silver coins have been used in the United States since 1794 and while that was more than 200 years ago,, not all coins are considered to be exceptionally valuable. The United States mint produced a good number of these coins over their lifetime. Today’s silver dollars are not minted for regular circulation but more so for collectors. Still, those who have a shiny silver dollar in their hand often want to know the value of it.


Older Is Better


One factor that greatly affects the value of the silver dollar price is the age of the coin. The oldest coins, the 1794 silver dollars or Flowing Hair Liberty dollar coins, are thought to only have 2000 pieces struck. This makes them rather valuable. The 1795 coins are much easier to find though and the value of them is often considered far less valuable. These older coins could provide more value if they were in good condition.


Rarity Helps


Another factor in the cost considerations for the rarity of the coin. There are many coins considered rare, including the 1794 silver dollars. But, perhaps the most widely known coin valued as one of the most valuable coins in the world is the 1804 silver dollars. These coins are valuable mainly because there were no coins minted dated 1804 until these coins were produced. That may seem odd but what makes these coins odd is that they were actual struck in 1836, years after the Mint found the mistake. Although there were coins were minted in 1804, they were dated 1803, simply because the cost of changing the striking device was too expensive. In 1836, the government decided to produce a very small set of 1804 silver dollars (it is believed there are only 15 of these). These were never meant for circulation and were actually given to foreign leaders and dignitaries instead. One of these coins came to market in 1999 and sold for some $4 million dollars.


There are other silver dollar coins that are considered to be valuable.


– The 1878 CC Morgan Silver Dollar
– The 1891 CC Morgan Silver Dollar
– The 1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar
– The 1928 Peace Silver Dollar


These are some of the more rare coins and the ones that coin collectors are regularly looking for. You can find the values of any of these coins by simply looking at the web. There are various websites that provide detailed information about the value of the coins. Aside from some of the most rare coins as mentioned earlier, most silver dollar price points will range from face value up to a few hundred dollars (if they are considered somewhat rare.)


Although silver dollars were not used heavily in circulation, they are considered to be important pieces for those who collect coins. In fact, they are some of the most sought out of coins today, often because of their larger size and interesting stories. You can find accurate price information online.


Article Source:   Rachel Barr – www.EzineArticles.com


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