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Premier Coin Galleries – $10 Indian Head Eagle

Premier Coin Galleries has dedicated the past three decades to serving those that are interested in alternative investments. We provide sensible and hard asset alternatives to investors concerned with the uncertain economic times that our country has faced the past 10 years. If you are looking for an alternative investment to the typical paper stocks and bonds, learn about investing in rare coins. Throughout history precious metals and rare coins have proved to be the ideal vehicle for the protection of wealth.


One of the most important factors when investing is selecting a firm that you can trust. Selecting a firm with a solid, long-term track record of customer satisfaction is very important. Premier Coin Galleries has proven themselves to be a trustworthy and reliable firm. When you work with Premier Coin Galleries you can be assured that we only make promises that we can keep and that we are able to deliver.


If this is your first time making an investment with rare coins, you will enjoy the experience of working with one of our numismatic experts. Our team of experts has over 100 years of combined experience to draw on and we place our team of professionals at your disposal. The advisors at Premier Coin Galleries are not here to tell you what to do as we realize that these decisions are personal and only you know what is best for you.


When you invest in rare coins instead of just precious metals alone, you are combining the benefits of both into one investment. Rare coins combine the benefits of investing in precious metals with the added advantage of the numismatic value they posses beyond that of their precious metal content. Rare coins are one of the few remaining investments that can be privately accumulated. This type of investment is free from the extensive discolor and reporting that other assets require which gives them an unequaled level of privacy.


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