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Premier Coin Galleries - Silver Peace Dollar Investment

Silver dollar coins are an excellent investment, as well as a good way to learn about U.S. history. The price of silver dollar coins will depend on the date minted, the amount of silver in the coin and the relative rarity of the specific coin.


Silver Bullion or Circulated Silver Coins


Decide what type of silver coin you want to buy. Two types of U.S. silver dollar coins exist: bullion coins and silver coins that once circulated (old coins). The government still mints bullion coins as investment pieces (not for circulation). Old silver dollar coins minted before 1964 were minted for circulation. Because of the coins’ worth, collectors have gobbled them up.


Buying Bullion Coins


Bullion coins are available from the U.S. Mint website. Visit the store at the mint’s website and choose American Eagle coins from the list of links at the left of the screen. Here you can purchase silver bullion dollar coins, as well as gold bullion coins, directly from the mint.


Buying Old Coins


Old silver dollars are available for sale at auctions, over the Internet, at some flea markets and at coin stores. The best place to start buying silver dollar coins is a coin store where you can browse the inventory and speak directly to a dealer. Once you become an experienced coin collector, you may be able to find deals at auctions and on the Internet.


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