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Classic Silver Coin Investments

Like any other precious metal or commodity, silver prices are subject to volatile price swings. A popular way to invest in silver is often priced by the melt value of coins such as silver quarters. This is also known as “Junk Silver.”


United States Circulated Silver Coins are coins that were in standard circulation until silver was removed from coinage in 1965 and 1970. These are usually found in 40% silver half-dollars. Canadian Circulated Silver Coins were standard in circulation until Canada removed silver from all coinage in 1967 and 1968. The values of these two types of silver coins are priced strictly on their silver content and not their numismatic or collectible value.


Premier Coin has numismatic experts available that help you discover the silver prices of your coins as well as their numismatic value. This value brings the prices up because it has a rich history or is considered rare. Our products are kept to the highest standards. Similar to what we are seeing in the gold market, there is a strong demand for silver. The market for rare coins is getting bigger due to investors wanting to invest in physical and tangible investments rather than paper ones.


24 Hr New York Spot Silver

24 Hr New York Spot Silver


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