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Premier Coin Galleries - $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin

The U.S. Mint struck gold coins from 1849 until 1933, when citizens were prohibited from holding monetary gold in the country. Coins were minted in denominations from one dollar to $20 with several different designs featured on the coins.




Coins worth $1 are generally referred to as simply gold dollars. Coins valued at $2.50 are called quarter eagles, $5 coins are half eagles, $10 coins are eagles and $20 coins are double eagles. The U.S. Mint also produced a $3 coin for a brief period.




Gold coins are generally comprised of 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper with slight variations in composition over the years. Gold dollars weigh about 1.7 grams, double eagles 4.4 grams, half eagles eight to 8.5 grams, eagles 17.5 grams and double eagles 33.5 grams.




Gold coins were struck at current mint locations Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco and at such former mints as Dahlonega, Carson City and New Orleans.


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