the price of gold

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There has been no other time as crucial as right now in our nation’s history to invest in tangible assets. Now is the time to put your self on the Gold Standard. Throughout history no other physical element has captured the hearts, minds and imagination of every civilization such as gold. No matter how diverse the culture has been, gold has been treasured for its rarity and beauty.


In the entire course of recorded history, less than 100,000 tons of gold has been produced. In simpler terms, mankind’s entire production of gold can fit into a single 57 foot cube. To put it even simpler, gold is rare! As the demand for gold goes up, the supply decreases. The demand for gold comes from investors, governments and jewelry and electronics industries.


This trend is increasing at a record pace which results in a strong upward pressure on the price of gold. The price of gold increases for a variety of different reasons, including the demand of gold increasing and the supply decreasing. Add to this a wildly fluctuating economic and political environment and it is easy to understand the appeal of gold in the 21st century.


One major advantage of investing in gold is that the price of gold has never been $0! Paper investments such as stocks and bonds can become worthless overnight. Gold does not represent wealth, it is wealth! By taking possession of gold you are taking command of your future. When you buy gold coins you actually own them. Gold is liquid, portable and private. When you own gold coins you can hold it in your hands which means you retain complete control over it. In 2013, owning gold is not a novelty or luxury, it is an absolute necessity!


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