rare coinsThere are a lot of rare coins that are valuable due to their numismatic value. These coins are often overlooked by the untrained eye. At Premier Coin Galleries, we can help determine what is in your pocket besides pocket lint.


1. 1969-S Lincoln Cent With a Doubled Die Obverse

These are exceedingly rare coins. The early specimens were confiscated by the Secret Service until the U.S. Mint admitted they were genuine. Counterfeits abound, but usually have the wrong mint mark.

2. 1970-S Small Date Lincoln Cent With a Doubled Die Obverse

As with virtually all true doubled die varieties, only one side of the rare coins shows doubling. If both sides exhibit doubling, the coin probably exhibits strike doubling instead, and is worth little.

3. 1972 Lincoln Cent With a Doubled Die Obverse

The 1972 (no mint mark) Lincoln Cent doubled die variety shows strong doubling on all elements. The “Cherrypicker’s Guide to Rare Die Varieties”, which was an important source for this article, suggests using a “die marker” to help verify your finds. A die marker is a gouge or crack that identifies a particular die.

4. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter With an Extra Leaf

Variety experts disagree about the cause and long-term value of this type, but I’ve included in the list because it is very findable in pocket change and worth hundreds of dollars right now.

5. 1999 Wide “AM” Reverse Lincoln Cent

This variety is known for 3 dates, 1998, 1999, and 2000. The 1999 is by far the rarest. The mint mistakingly used a proof die to make normal circulation coins.


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