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Premier Coin Galleries Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollars


Silver Dollars or “Cartwheels” are the largest silver coins that the United States ever issued for general circulation. It was political pressure, not the need for a dollar silver coin, that gave birth to the Morgan Dollar. When the Liberty Seated Dollar was discontinued in 1873, silver mining interests and their champion Richard “Silver Dick” Bland began forcefully lobbying for the return of the silver dollar.


Peace Silver Dollars


America’s first coin to commemorate peace owes its existence to Farran Zerbe, veteran numismatist, Historian of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and founder of the Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum. At the 1920 Chicago ANA Convention, Zerbe presented a paper entitled “Commemorate the Peace with a Coin for Circulation” which proposed a new coin (Half Dollar or Dollar) commemorating the end of World War I, “the war to end all wars”.


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