Premier Coin Galleries – St. Gaudens Double Eagle

When you venture into collecting gold or starting a rare coin collection, you may start hearing some lingo that you are not familiar with. One of them is probably “numismatics.” This is the study and collecting of money.  The currency collected may be coins, tokens, paper money, and other related objects. Numismatists are students or collectors of coins who have a broad knowledge of money. Their expertise is utilized to resolve debts and exchange goods. What sets this study apart is that the value of money that is conferred by law is not a part of numismatics. Numismatic value is known as collector value and pertains to everything in excess of traditional popular monetary values.


Our traditional monetary system is often at the whim of the financial and political changes. Silver and gold are valuable as a commodity, which is why our numismatic experts at Premier Coin Galleries are constantly being utilized for their rare knowledge. The coins at Premier Coin are higher value than their face value. This is because of their historical information and some are considered rare or ancient. This leads to a higher monetary value than suggested, making them highly coveted by coin collectors due to their potential value.

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