numismaticsNumismatics is the study and collection of currency including coins, tokens, and other related objects. Numismatics deals with the collector value of currency, beyond the monetary value conferred by law. Modern numismatics is the study of coins of the mid-17th century onward, the period of machine struck coins. This study primarily serves the needs of coin collectors.


Collectors, coin dealers, and scholars studying coins are known as numismatists. Some strictly derive pleasure from the ownership rare coins and some use numismatic coins to make money. Coin dealers authenticate and grade coins for commercial purposes. Scholar numismatists acquire knowledge about monetary devices, their systems, their economy, and historical context.


Paper currency is the most common type of physical money. Precious metals such as gold and silver retain the essential properties of money but have the added bonus of collector value. At Premier Coin Galleries you can expect numismatic experts who are dedicated to bringing you a quality product along with quality information. When you are looking to start a rare coin collection or add to an existing one, you need a coin dealer you can trust. Premier Coin Galleries is the company that you can trust to answer all your questions as well as provide a quality product. At Premier Coin Galleries, we hope that you find the information here helpful and interesting. Premier Coin Galleries is dedicated to serving those seeking alternatives to the usual paper investments.


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