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Classic Silver Coin Investments

When you decide to buy silver coins you might not know where to start. Forming an investment in classic silver coins may require some advice and guidance. Here at Premier Coin Galleries, we are dedicated to providing information and guidance when it comes to buying silver coins. Here are some no-no’s when in the silver coin collecting industry:


–  Buying from a Craigslist Ad: Not to say that people are dishonest, but it’s just that some people have no idea what they are selling. Most likely if they are looking to sell silver coins on Craigslist, someone else gave them the coins or they found them in grandpa’s basement. Some people may be trying to steal your money but it’s more likely that people have no idea what they are talking about. It is important to have the classic silver coins appraised and evaluated by experts.


–  Buying from a dealer without a physical address: a dependable coin dealer (such as Premier Coin) will have a physical address where you can do business face to face. If they do not have an address, that dealer may not be established or have reputable business. Be weary of bank transfers or cash transactions as well because they can not be guaranteed, reimbursed, or tracked.


–  Pawn Shops: Pawn shop owners are not usually well educated on coins and bullion so you want to double check what you are being told. Pawn shop owners know a little about a lot of different items. At Premier Coin Galleries, we are experts in the field.


When you visit Premier Coin Galleries you will find a well versed, educated and professional staff that is here to help in your new investments.


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