The five keys to financial security: Diversity, Stability, Liquidity, Portability and Privacy. Valuable tools in any economic climate but in uncertain times they can be crucial to your very survival.

From 2003 -2006 only seven banks failed in the United States. Recently we have been averaging more than twice that total each and every month. Add to this the fact that the real estate market has been slammed. As real estate backed commercial mortgages taken out at the peak of the market come due, we could be looking at the next wave of foreclosures, bank failures and government bail outs, further weakening the dollar and an economy already on the ropes.

Protecting your wealth and planning for your future has become far more challenging. It requires a much broader awareness when exploring your options in order to make the most effective acquisitions.

Each investor has their own level of risk tolerance. Some enjoy the security of more stable vehicles and are willing to settle for a lower yield to achieve this end. Others are comfortable “rolling the dice” for a shot at a really big return. We recommend that our clients seek a balanced, diversified middle of the road approach.