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Premier Coin Galleries – Half Eagle Rare Coins

In its 5,000 year history no other element known to humanity has captured the imagination, hearts and minds of every civilization as much as gold has. It doesn’t matter how diverse the culture is, gold has been treasured for its rarity and beauty. Since the year 3,000 BC the Ancient Egyptians linked gold to the sun god Ra, the Native Americans civilizations created magnificent works of art from gold, gold has been the universal standard of wealth and power. It started in the year 560 BC when King Croesus of Lydia began minting gold into coins and making them the legal tender for his kingdom. With all of this in mind, now you can better see that gold is rare!


During the course of recorded history there has been less than 100,000 tons of gold produced. All of mankind’s gold can fit into a single 57 foot cube. This fact shows how rare the precious metal gold is. The demand for gold comes from investors, governments, the jewelry, electronics industries, etc. has made the supply for gold far too small. The demand for gold has far outstripped the available supply. This trend is increasing at a record pace which results in a strong upward pressure on the price of gold. If you add all of these facts to the wildly fluctuating economic and political environment it is easy to understand why gold is so appealing in the 21st century.


In all of gold’s history it as never been worth $0. Even when paper investments such as stocks and bonds become worthless overnight as they have before, gold has never become worthless. Gold does not represent wealth, it is wealth! The benefits of investing gold is that it is liquid, portable and private, you actually own it and can hold it in your hands. Owning gold is no longer a novelty or a luxury, it is an absolute necessity!


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