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Gold $2419.94 (-1.01%)

Silver $29.37 (-1.42%)

Platinum $982.76 (-0.52%)

Palladium $961.51 (-0.1%)

Gold Coins

Beauty Meets Value


Gold has always been the “go to” investment in times of uncertainty, and rarely has there ever been more uncertainty than now.

A common way of owning gold is in the form of gold coins. Gold bullion coins are valued according to their fine weight, supply and demand.

The Pleasure of Owning Gold Eagles

Gold is aesthetically beautiful, especially when minted in the form of coins. For instance, owning American Gold Eagle coins can bring endless satisfaction. They are gorgeous treasures that can be a passed on to family or friends for generations. You could display them proudly in your home, or just enjoy the lustrous, dazzling design and luster for yourself. Of course, they are also highly valuable and sought after by coin buyers around the world.

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Gold is a Store of Wealth

Gold is does not represent wealth, Gold is Wealth! Gold is a safe haven asset that can help preserve wealth.

For thousands of years, Gold is known and accepted throughout the world as global money, maintained an intrinsic value. In addition, gold is durable, private and provides instant liquidity, making it a unique vehicle for wealth insurance.

As a long-held form of wealth preservation, physical gold can protect what you’ve earned and saved throughout the years.

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Gold is a Portfolio Diversifier

Gold is recognized around the world as vehicle to presever wealth and hedge against inflation

Gold has traditionally been known for its inverse relationship to paper assets. It’s been said, “when stocks go down, gold goes up”. But that may imply that the inverse also applies. But when we consider recent history, gold is one of the best-performing assets since 2000, even as stocks rose significantly.

Gold has proven that it is more than just a safe haven in economic downturns, but rather an essential part of any diversified portfolio.

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Gold is Private and Untracable

Gold, when possessed in physical form, can be privately and discretely accumulated

Gold is a portable and private form of wealth. As the world rushes toward financial digitization, privacy is a predominate concern for a variety of reasons. Physical gold can be privately accumulated and traded worldwide apart from of the traditional banking system. In most cases, there is no requirement to report the purchase of precious metals.

Your gold is yours, and is virtually untraceable.

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