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Rare Coins

Beauty Meets Rarity


Numismatic coinage, also known as rare or collectible coins, combine all the advantages of precious metals with the added benefit of the numismatic or collectible value.

Historically, rare coins offer significant profit potential above and beyond the price appreciation of the underlying metal in the coins.

The Numismatic fair market value is determined primarily by the scarcity of the coin, its quality condition, the known supply, and collector/investor demand.

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The Pleasure of Owning a Piece of US History

Whether your goal is to enjoy building a collection as a hobbyist or to make some money as an investor, rare coins can bring great enjoyment and satisfaction. After all, each coin is a timeless, beautiful, and tangible link to American history. Premier Coin Gallery numismatic experts here to educate you on the history and the value of each coin we offer, or find the exact coin that you are looking for.

Rare Coins are collected as a hobby or investment

The Advantages of Rare Coins

When a coin has a fixed, limited supply, it is considered rare. It will never be minted again. Building a rare coin collection is a very enjoyable hobby. While the supply is inherently limited, the number of rare coin collectors continues to grow. Thus, over time, it can also prove to be financially rewarding as well. The maturing of the Numismatic hobby Prior to 1986, there was no uniform grading standards to help determine the quality and authenticity of a coin, perpetuating confusion between buyer and seller.

With the emergence of guaranteed third party certification, confidence in trading increased. The three industry firms that certify coins are the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) and CAC Grading. These companies provide the collector with a uniform standard of grading. This enabled a worldwide network of thousands of dealers to be established, allowing certified coins are freely traded with instant liquidity. Now, collectors, dealers and investors could freely participate in the numismatic marketplace with a previously unrealized level of confidence.

Another benefit to owning rare coins is that they are protected from government confiscation. In 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt banned private ownership of gold. Americans were forced to turn in all gold coins. Today, the Presidency still has the power to ban the private ownership of gold bullion. By law, however, ownership of U.S. Gold Coins minted before 1933 cannot be confiscated. Add to this the fact that rare coins are among the last remaining investments that can be privately accumulated. They are free of the extensive disclosure and reporting that other assets require, giving them an unequaled level of privacy.

If you’re looking to collect rare coins as a hobby or investment, Call the numismatic experts at Premier Coin Galleries today for more information at 1 (800) 820-5006. We are happy to provide you with quality information as well as quality products.

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