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Premier Coin Galleries – Liberty Head Double Eagle

Gold coins is one of the oldest forms of money, this was later followed by silver coins. The most pricey coin was purchased and worth about eight million dollars. This was the American 1933 Gold Eagle. Some people collect coins due to the rich history they represent. Some coins are no longer in circulation and are difficult to find. Aside from the novelty, it is also apparent that a good coin collection could help protect wealth and even make you money. Regardless of your reasons for coin collecting, Premier Coin Galleries has helpful and interesting information.


Gold coins are enjoyed by collectors and traders. Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. With an unsteady economic climate, gold is the best way to preserve wealth and can be easily converted into money. Some people’s interest in coin collecting starts when they find something randomly like while traveling. However a general curiosity can turn to a major coin collection when utilizing the right tools available. At Premier Coin Galleries, we have numismatic experts on call to help you educate yourself on coins and their history and worth. There are many different categories of coins and some are specific to historical or geographical importance. Because gold is a commodity everywhere and represents wealth everywhere, there are many different factors to consider in starting a coin collection. Come visit Premier Coin Galleries to find all the answers you are looking for in coin collecting.